Designed and built to exceed the needs of service-industry providers — landscapers, contractors, maintenance crews and suppliers — there's no doubt that Morgan's ProStake Platform body will be the BEST tool of your trade.

With bodies ranging from 9 to 16-feet, your choice of flatbed or rack configurations, and a wide range of optional and industry-specific features designed to make your job easier and more efficient — Morgan has what you need to do the job!

Ford ProStake Rear Bulkhead Punch Window Ford ProStake Bulkhead Gussets Ford ProStake Front Bulkhead Punch Window Ford ProStake Support Safety

Conscientious design features, such as the bulkhead punch window and cab extension, support safety; as do bulkhead gussets that are engineered to provide strength, durability and added protection for your cab, your cargo…and your crew.

Ford ProStake Exterior Side Profile
Ford ProStake Exterior Rear Profile
Ford ProStake Exterior Cab Side Profile
Ford ProStake Closed Swing Rack Design Ford ProStake Partial Open Swing Rack Design Ford ProStake Open Swing Rack Design

Morgan's innovative swing rack design eliminates the need to lift and remove heavy gates in order to load or unload. Racks swing a full 270-degrees, and can be secured to the siderails for easy and unencumbered loading and unloading.

Ford ProStake Heavy-Duty Solid Hardwood Flooring Ford ProStake Standard Three-Inch I-Beam Frame Construction

Heavy-duty Solid Hardwood flooring is standard on all flatbed bodies, and offers natural shock absorption, weather and insect resistance. Standard three-inch I-beam frame construction adds superior strength and durability. And strategically positioned crossmembers (16-inches on center) add to that strength, while keeping weight to a minimum, for better fuel efficiency.

Ford ProStake Standard, Heavy-Duty Rub-Rail Ford ProStake Deep Pocket Design

A standard, heavy-duty rub-rail helps to protect the flatbed frame and side rail pockets from minor impacts.

Deep pocket design provides solid seating of rail stakes; making it easy to secure your load during transport, and remove rails for loading and unloading.

Ford ProStake Pre-Engineered Two-Inch Receiver Tube Design for Hitch or Pintle Plate Configurations Ford ProStake Universal Design Features

Pre-engineered 2" receiver tube design for hitch or pintle plate configurations, a variety of bumper options, the use of ready-to-use molded harness and sealed plug-together connectors, and "universal design" features, such as standard LED body clearance and ID lighting, make it EASY to spec or replace components quickly and efficiently.

Ford ProStake Cab Extention 1 Ford ProStake Cab Extention 2 Ford ProStake Cab Extention 3 Ford ProStake Cab Extention 4 Ford ProStake Cab Extention 5

Choose from a variety of options, including cab extensions, stake racks in galvanized steel or black powder-coat, and hoists to help make loading and unloading fast and efficient. Morgan makes it easy to spec a body that meets your needs — without compromise.

Products as shown may include optional equipment that is not part of the standard Morgan truck body configuration. Some product images may differ from current configurations and may not be available as depicted at the time of your order. Please contact your Morgan representative for available options and complete up-to-date specifications.