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Morgan Truck Body is pleased to announce the GM-Morgan SVM Program - a partnership designed to provide customers in the Southern California and Northeast markets with a selection of GM chassis in stock and ready to receive the Morgan City Max Dry Freight, Mini-Mover, ProStake or Dump body of your choice.

Morgan's GM SVM Bailment Pool Program gives you immediate access to your chassis…And quick turnaround and fast delivery mean more road time and money in your pocket!

For more information on the GM-Morgan SVM Program, contact your Morgan representative at – 1-855-595-3554.

The GM-Morgan SVM Program – Everyday Innovation!

Morgan Extended Warranty

Morgan's Enhanced Warranty Program! 100,000 Miles or 5 years

What is covered? The main structural components of the body [roof bows, side and front wall posts, top and bottom rails, rear frame and body substructure (cross-members and body long-rails)].

ONLY $459.99 at time of original vehicle purchase / $499.99 subsequent to original vehicle purchase